Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer for Aunt Janet's Dog, Sadie Sue

My dear Family/Friends....

I also ask for your prayers.... My care giver just came back from the 'vets' and was told that little Sadie Sue is diabetic. The vet wants me to give her injections twice daily. I don't know if I could possibly hurt her like this, OR have her put down.... I just can't let her go now. She's NOT in any pain, Thank GOD. So I will try and give her the injections myself, she will have to be taken back to the vets every week to see if the amount of Rx is the right one. I know that this will be very $$$$. I'll just have to tighten the already tight belt. I know that God can and will heal her, so please agree with me that He will touch her, actually all He has to do is say "Sadie Sue, you are healed of all of your infections, heart murmur and eyesight, I say this in My Fathers Name". So if you would please agree with me that God is going to heal her. She's not in any pain which I am so very thankful for. She is getting old though, as we all do, so I'm going to try and keep her going as long as possible. I love her so very, very much she is ALL that I have... I just can't let our little Sadie Sue go. I have steps, 4 of them, that she used to run up them to get up on my (ops, our) bed. Now, she just walks up them. also say one of your own prayers, for Sadie Sue. There are a lot of family and friends like you that know my little Sadie. This breaks my heart, even though she's 12 yrs. old and has cataracts. BUT, her nose and ears are working overtime, and again SHE NOT IN ANY PAIN! ! ! ! !......

Steve for Aunt Janet

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