Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer for Aunt Janet's Dog, Sadie Sue

My dear Family/Friends....

I also ask for your prayers.... My care giver just came back from the 'vets' and was told that little Sadie Sue is diabetic. The vet wants me to give her injections twice daily. I don't know if I could possibly hurt her like this, OR have her put down.... I just can't let her go now. She's NOT in any pain, Thank GOD. So I will try and give her the injections myself, she will have to be taken back to the vets every week to see if the amount of Rx is the right one. I know that this will be very $$$$. I'll just have to tighten the already tight belt. I know that God can and will heal her, so please agree with me that He will touch her, actually all He has to do is say "Sadie Sue, you are healed of all of your infections, heart murmur and eyesight, I say this in My Fathers Name". So if you would please agree with me that God is going to heal her. She's not in any pain which I am so very thankful for. She is getting old though, as we all do, so I'm going to try and keep her going as long as possible. I love her so very, very much she is ALL that I have... I just can't let our little Sadie Sue go. I have steps, 4 of them, that she used to run up them to get up on my (ops, our) bed. Now, she just walks up them. also say one of your own prayers, for Sadie Sue. There are a lot of family and friends like you that know my little Sadie. This breaks my heart, even though she's 12 yrs. old and has cataracts. BUT, her nose and ears are working overtime, and again SHE NOT IN ANY PAIN! ! ! ! !......

Steve for Aunt Janet

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yet another update!

Hope you aren't getting tired of my posts! Here's the new update. Lori had surgery this afternoon, to help her breath, they did a tracheotomy. She has to stay in the hospital for 5 days so they can make sure she can eat and breathe and what not. Mike and I, along with 3 of our six children are flying to MN in the morning to take care of her girls. Our big boys are staying at a friend's house here in WA. Please pray for a complete and quick recovery, for well-behaved children, for my ability to run another woman's household and peace over-all! Thank you all!



A quick update...she is being admitted to a hospital in Coon Rapids, MN. We are her only family...parent's both gone on to be with the Lord. Her friend is staying with her daughters and finishing out the daycare day. Thanks for praying!


Prayer Request-

Hi All!

I have another health prayer request for you...My sister-in-law has a paralyzed vocal chord, left over from cancer she had as a child...lately it has been giving her problems and they are suggesting surgery, this surgery will help with her breathing but will add a whole slew of other issues. She is a single parent and she runs a daycare out of her home and homeschools her own three daughters. You can see that her health is very vital to her at this time. She is on her way to the urgent care right now because she is coughing so much and can't catch her breath. They have her on some medication that is making matters worse. Please pray for her quick and complete healing! And please leave a comment to let me know you are praying so I can tell her what a wonderful family I have! You can email me if you would rather:

Thanks All!

Much love to you!

I can't make the spell check work or copy and paste from this silly page...forgive my mistakes. I'm in a bit of a hurry!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Praise Report

The doctors are not recommending radical surgery or chemotherapy at this time, probably just a lump ectomy. Mom's life expectancy has not been shortened because of the cancer. This is wonderful news and a credit to her faith, God's faithfulness and those who prayed. Besides family prayers, I am sure she receieved multiple prayers on her behalf from her church family.

May God be praised for his goodness.

Because Jesus lives,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayer for Mom

Last night we found out that Mom has been told that the results of a needle biopsy shows she has a cancerous tumor in one of her breasts. Naturally this is quite upsetting to her and the rest of the family. Knowing her sister had a similar problem and beat it does not calm her nerves. She will learn from the specialist on Friday about her treatment options.

Please pray with us as the Spirit leads for Mom's peace and tranquility through this and for a rapid and complete healing.

Father in heaven, You are our Healer. We pray that you cover Mom with peace and confidence that You are with her through this trial and that Your healing touch is but a moment away. Give the doctors wisdom to know the minimum amount of treatment that will be needed to get the job done. In Jesus' name. Amen.