Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prayer for a Former Neighbor

Peter and Ardy are former neighbors who still live Woodbury. Ardy has been struggling physically for some time and things are at critical juncture. Please joins us in prayer for Ardy and Peter.

Following is Pete's prayer request:

It is Wednesday morning and Ardy is sleeping, which is sometimes difficult to do in a hospital with all the staff coming and going, noises and other interruptions. I hesitated sending an update letting you know things are predictably difficult. Today is day five (since the transplant day which was day 0) and Ardy is feeling the continued impact of the chemo, the transplant, the medications for her infections, the medications to counteract the side effects of the medications, IV fluids, injections, etc... all while her blood count numbers are dropping. Having these predicable issues makes it somewhat easier but still difficult. Day 5 to day 10 are days her body needs to cope with all of this. Add the eyesight issue and the back pain and you have 'difficult'. We are hoping for a restful and peaceful 'difficult' day. It is without doubt that your prayers are lifting her(us) up.Every day I read to Ardy and she is encouraged by your notes, prayers and your support. Someday she will be able to read these on her own and she will be encouraged again. It seems every day we get a message from someone new who writes that they have been praying and wanted us to know. This is so encouraging. We also appreciate those of you who make entries more regularly. I hope that you get a sense of encouragement know that God's is working through so many people in this situation. The Lord is working through his people in mysterious and perfect ways.So keep praying: for strength, courage, faithfulness, peace, comfort, hope and healing. I would also appreciate your prayers for wisdom. There are a few decisions that I need to make in the next few days that require a wisdom beyond my own. -- Peter

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