Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yet another update!

Hope you aren't getting tired of my posts! Here's the new update. Lori had surgery this afternoon, to help her breath, they did a tracheotomy. She has to stay in the hospital for 5 days so they can make sure she can eat and breathe and what not. Mike and I, along with 3 of our six children are flying to MN in the morning to take care of her girls. Our big boys are staying at a friend's house here in WA. Please pray for a complete and quick recovery, for well-behaved children, for my ability to run another woman's household and peace over-all! Thank you all!


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  1. Lord we lift up Lori, the doctors, medical staff. May they find and cure the cause of her problems. We lift of her children to your care. We lift up Carissa, Mike and their children to your care as they rush to help as they can.

    In Jesus' Name