Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prayer for The Blanchard's

Please, if you would kindly storm heaven with and for us...we are so desperate for Mike to find a job. We are going on 6 months now and we don't have much left in the way of savings...he turned to two resumes today for jobs that he is absolutely and perfectly qualified for. We are beyond the point of discouragement and would so appreciate your prayers on our behalf.

Trusting the Lord with fear and trembling,

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kathi's Dad Update

Yesterday, Kathi's dad was still very uncomfortable in his legs. A lot of pain. He has had several procedures on his legs to open up the ateriers to improve blood flow. A week ago, his feet were feeling pretty good but his legs till hurt. This past week, he had the most recent procedure. On Saturday he was still uncomfortable. This morning he said his legs were feeling a lot better. Still don't know details, but that is really good news. He has been in pain for several years. Apparently the blood flow is nearly open except for a couple inches above his knees. Looks like they will be trying again in a week or two to finish all of it.

Thank You Father God for Your mercies and Your benefits to those who love You. You are the healer. It is in our weaknesses that your strength is revealed to us.

In Jesus' wonderful name! Amen

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kathi's Dad Update

This morning, Kathi's dad again had minimally invasive surgery on his legs to remove the blockage in his arteries. The procedure was only partially successful. They were only able to get 20% of the arteries cleared starting at his foot. Next step will more invasive bypass surgery. The anticipated outcome of all this surgery is to ease the pain in his legs so he can walk more.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I thought I better update everyone on how my sister-in-law is doing. She had a follow up appointment this week and the doctor actually took her trach out, which he said he would "NEVER" do at the follow up appointment! She is so happy and we are rejoicing because she is healing well and fast! Thank you for your prayers!


Kathi's Dad

Kathi's Dad, Stan, is scheduled for his surgery on Tues. at 6:30 am. He feels that if this procedure doesn't work, then he will go back to Dr. Murphy in St. Pete to have him do the more invasive Bypass. They are giving him major blood thinners between now and next Tuesday.

Father God,

You are our healer. Restore the circulation in Stan's legs so he can enjoy walking again. Guide the doctors and the others as they seek to use a less invasive method to unblock the arteries.

In Jesus' Name, Amen

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom's Cancer Update

Jean called to let us know that Mom has decided to go ahead with surgery to deal with the breast cancer. Apparently the latest tests show the cancer is growing. She will have the same surgery as her sister Donna.

Father in heaven, we know Mom's decision has been a difficult one. Give her peace and comfort knowing that she is in Your hands. As the time for the surgery approaches, continue to keep her in your perfect peace. Thank you Father that Jean and the sisters have been able to provide some support and encouragement. Guide the surgeons and other doctors and nurses so that the surgery is successful and without complications. We pray for a quick and complete recovery after the surgery.

In Jesus' Name, amen

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Pray for my sister-in-law again

Lori is going in for the third and hopefully last laser surgery to remove the scar tissue around her vocal chords. It's a same day procedure. Please pray for her safety and quick recovery! Lord's Blessings!