Friday, May 1, 2009

Mom's Cancer Update

Jean called to let us know that Mom has decided to go ahead with surgery to deal with the breast cancer. Apparently the latest tests show the cancer is growing. She will have the same surgery as her sister Donna.

Father in heaven, we know Mom's decision has been a difficult one. Give her peace and comfort knowing that she is in Your hands. As the time for the surgery approaches, continue to keep her in your perfect peace. Thank you Father that Jean and the sisters have been able to provide some support and encouragement. Guide the surgeons and other doctors and nurses so that the surgery is successful and without complications. We pray for a quick and complete recovery after the surgery.

In Jesus' Name, amen


  1. Do you know when this surgery is?

  2. Grandma's (Shirley's) surgery is Thursday, May 28...expect a miracle!