Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kathi's Dad Update

Yesterday, Kathi's dad was still very uncomfortable in his legs. A lot of pain. He has had several procedures on his legs to open up the ateriers to improve blood flow. A week ago, his feet were feeling pretty good but his legs till hurt. This past week, he had the most recent procedure. On Saturday he was still uncomfortable. This morning he said his legs were feeling a lot better. Still don't know details, but that is really good news. He has been in pain for several years. Apparently the blood flow is nearly open except for a couple inches above his knees. Looks like they will be trying again in a week or two to finish all of it.

Thank You Father God for Your mercies and Your benefits to those who love You. You are the healer. It is in our weaknesses that your strength is revealed to us.

In Jesus' wonderful name! Amen

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